What we offer

We at Seatight offer a great variety of cargo related services. Ranging from marine warranty surveys, over cargo securing to port and site management. Reach out for tailor made solutions.

Marine Warranty Surveys (MWS)

We are accredited and sworn Marine Surveyors for cargo securing, transport damage and hatch cover inspections. We provide expert opinions and cross check your transport configuration, the stowage and the cargo securing. Our independent Marine Surveyors will identify and point out weak points in the load- out, sea-fastening, and discharging process. We are our clients’ eyes, ears and voice on site. Our expert opinion reports on claim investigation will highlight each possible irregularity.

Non Destructive Testing

Accredited and certified NDT Testers as per DIN EN ISO 9712 for:

  • PT – Penetrant Testing
  • MT – Magnetic Particle Testing

We specialize in providing NDT testing services to the maritime industry, with a specific focus on testing weld seams for cargo securing projects.
Our team provides qualified and certified experts with the capability to choose the right NDT method to solve the inspection or testing challenge that any industrial project might face.

Port Captain + Supercargo

Our experienced Port Captain and Supercargo department plans and supervises the load-out on site. We take care of efficient stowage, optimized loading and the sea fastening. With Seatight on site you can count on safe and smooth cargo operations as per agreed terms. All technical procedures and HSQE guidelines will be pushed through. Your goods are valuable, and safety during sea transport is our top priority. Our experience and creativity are the key for us to organise a tailor-made pre-planning for you. Our transport engineers create feasibility studies, stowage plans, transport instructions, lifting arrangements, lashing calculations and much more.

Port + Site Management

We manage your long- and short-term port operations world-wide. Starting from the scratch, we will assist to find the right port and site for your assets. We will examine and evaluate the handling and storage area, determine the right cargo handling equipment, supervise, and mediate all involved parties in handling your goods. Our Port Managers on site will guarantee a smooth operation and coordination of loud-out, discharging and further cargo handling for ongoing transport. We will take care that transport approvals and documents will be ready on time and each party involved works hand in hand for a safe and efficient operation.

Cargo Securing

Our mobile cargo securing teams are deployed throughout Europe to secure and same unlash your cargo on board. This includes welding and lashing same as cutting and grinding. We are well experienced in the construction of transport racks and cable tanks. In addition, we can prepare your cargo for transport and supervise the load-out. Our cargo securing teams comply with international safety standards and beyond. Our warehouse equipped with common lashing materials, centrally located to the loading hubs in northern Europe, offers the possibility to arrange cargo securing materials to our customers at short notice and without complications.

Route Survey

We perform route surveys worldwide and in person.
Our swept path analysis helps to check the route and intended truck + trailer + cargo configuration against potential obstacles and maneuverability in restricted areas.
Video sequences are available for bottle-necks on route.
Detailed measuring of obstacles on route will be performed.
Our Route Survey Reports have a real outcome telling what needs to be improved and modified on route.


Whether transport or professional storage, our team solves every task. We keep a wide variety of common lashing materials and tools ready for you in our warehouses. We are also experienced in taking care of the management of your own equipment including storage, transport and maintenance.


Clients that trust our Services

“For 5+ years and 30+ projects we have been a customer and partner with Seatight. For all those years we only have experienced outstanding service and support on all our marine projects.

Within an industry of shipping and wind power, we always end of having challenges. Therefore, we have used Seatight since they are a highly specialized and service- oriented provider for the shipping industry with a expert experience, exactly what Silvasti needs!

Top professional, creative and unique approach and most importantly state of art solutions delivered from Seatight, helps us to archive client’s expectations and above.

Seatight is always reliable and highly flexible – even with very short notice!

We highly recommend Seatight for marine projects for anyone in need of it.”

Kristian Jakob Theil
Operations Manager
Vessel and Port Handling from Silvasti

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