Our Concept


Why Seatight

Seatight was founded in 2009 with the aim to provide a full scope of services to the shipping industry in matters of cargo securing. Our ambition is to offer all services ‘out of one hand’. This means we offer not only welding, lashing and stevedoring services, but also project planning, SuperCargo services, port surveys, compilation of stowage plans and a wide range of expertise.
Therefore we recruit qualified persons and according tools and equipment. All our teams around Europe work according to our german working method. All departments concerned work as one. Human capital, technology and materials tools that built our international network.

Angelo Pennacchia

Angelo Pennacchia startet his career with an apprenticeship as shipmechanic (Multi-purpose rating) and made first experiences at sea. This was followed by a seminar for becoming a Navigational Officer. Immediately after he accepted a job offer as surveyor for cargo securing and cargo damage. He gained experience in this job until opening Seatight in 2009.


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